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Cuban artist wins European award with caricature denouncing Putin

Madrid Spain.- Cuban cartoonist Carlos David Fuentes received the first prize of the European Cartoon Award (ECA) 2022 for his work “Putin in Ukraine”.

“European Cartoon Award 2022. One of the best things that has happened to me in my career. A caricature I made in the hope that it would be published in the international press came to light in The Cartoon Movement and then in Courier International, and as if that were not enough, now this important prize. God bless Ukraine! Long live free Cuba!” the artist wrote in your facebook profile sharing the news this weekend.

The jury, made up of nine award-winning cartoonists, activists and experts, chose their cartoon from more than 400 proposals from 29 countries, inside and outside Europe.

For her part, Janet Anderson, president of the tribunal, pointed out: “”The jury was impressed by the force of the narrative and the impressive imagery of many of the vignettes presented. Tom Janssen rightly said that the caricature of Carlos David Fuentes is the right image to represent this difficult year; It has a dramatic impact, and it’s very strong.”

According to Fuentes, a graduate of Cuba’s Higher Institute of Industrial Design (ISDi), he was inspired for his caricature by an image of the Russian attacks that the February 24ththe day the invasion began.

This award, endowed with 10,000 dollars, is awarded by the European Press Prize and Studio Europa Maastricht with the aim of supporting and promoting editorial cartoons in Europe.

Despite the Russian narrative that has been replicated by official media of the island’s regime, since the beginning of the invasion the Cuban people have condemned the attacks.

In recent statements to CubaNetthe special representative of Ukraine for Latin America and the Caribbean, Ruslan Spirin, He said in this regard: “The people of Cuba are very wise” and “understand what is happening very well.”

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