Cuban-American historian Ada Ferrer wins Pulitzer Prize

MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban-American historian Ada Ferrer (Havana, 1961) won this Monday the Pulitzer Prize for the best historical book appeared in 2021 with its publication Cuba: An American History.

The work deals with the history of Cuba from the arrival of the first Spaniards to the contemporary era; and relations between Cuba and the United States.

Cuba: An American History tells the story of a tropical island located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, not far from the United States. It is a history of more than half a millennium, from before the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the death of Fidel Castro and beyond. However, for such a broad story, this is also a deeply personal book”, according to the definition of the author herself in the Foreword from the book.

After the emotion of receiving the prestigious journalism award, Ada Ferrer said through the social network tweetr have been left speechless.

Cuba: An American Historyhad already been awarded in the category of best history book by the newspaper Los Angeles Times.

Ferrer, professor of History and Latin American and Caribbean Studies at New York University, has written, among others, Insurgent Cuba: Race, Nation, and Revolution, 1868-98 (winner of the 2000 Berkshire Book Award for best first book by a woman in any field in history) and Freedom’s Mirror: Cuba and Haiti in the Age of Revolution (Frederick Douglass Award from Yale University’s Gilder Lehrman Center).

Among the winners in this edition of the Pulitzer Prizes were also reporters and photographers from Washington Post, New York Times, miami herald, Getty Images and Reuters. Ukrainian journalists received a special mention for their coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Pulitzer Prizes

The Pulitzer Prizes, one of the most important awards in journalism worldwide, were established in 1917 following the will of the American editor of Jewish and Hungarian origin Joseph Pulitzer.

Each year a jury based at Columbia University in New York chooses the winners.

The award aims to recognize journalistic work in its different branches as well as literature, theater and music.

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