Los lesionados eran atendidos en el hospital clínico quirúrgico Arnaldo Milián Castro. Foto: Telecubanacán.

Cuba: Traffic Accident in Villa Clara Leaves Four Dead

An car accident in the province of Villa Clara left the balance of four dead and two injured on the morning of this April 9. It happened at kilometer 306 of the national highway, belonging to the Placetas-Fomento section, in a place known as “Entronque de Cacique”.

Among the deceased is a pregnant woman with 20 weeks of gestation. Her name is Roxana Castillo Frometa, she was 20 years old and a resident of the province of Camagüey, she points out published note in Telecubanacan.

The remaining deceased are: Reinier Pavón, 32 years old and a resident of the Santa Cruz del Sur municipality, Camagüey; Ángel Cecilio Rivero Pérez, 53 years old, Nuevitas municipality, Camagüey and Orlando Rodríguez Hernández, 55 years old, Florida, Camagüey.

In the case of the injured, Silverio Espino Castro, 61 years old, and Héctor García Martínez, 40 years old. These are the drivers of the vehicles, both residents of Camagüey. According to the information, they were treated at the Arnaldo Milián Castro Surgical Clinical Hospital.

Doctor Esteban Roig Caraballo, deputy surgical director of the Arnaldo Milián Castro hospital, told the source that the patients were reported “in care”, with minor injuries and not life-threatening.

The accident took place when a tourist rental car collided with a Cheverolet machine, from the province of Camaguey, the information specifies.

This source adds statements by Lieutenant Kyslert Martínez, a criminal instructor at the head of the investigation, who specifies that the tourist car, coming from Havana on its way to Camagüey with three passengers, “invaded the opposite path by avoiding a speed bump, hitting the Cheverolet machine that was heading to the Cuban capital, with a passenger.

Since the accident was known, local authorities attended and the first medical care was received at the General Hospital Dr. Daniel Codorniú Pruna, in the municipality of Placetas. Three people died at the scene of the accident. The other, shortly after arriving at the Arnaldo Milián Castro hospital, points out the note.

A minor dies in a traffic accident in Camagüey

Accidents on Cuban highways had an annual increase of 8.5% in 2021, registering a total of 8,369, despite movement restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to reports from the National Road Safety Commission cited for Eph.

In that period, there were 642 more accidents than in 2020, and deaths increased by 24%, with 589, and 5,859 injuries were recorded.

The human factor and the irresponsibility of pedestrians and drivers, lack of attention to vehicle control, violations of the right of way and speeding, were identified by the Commission among the first causes, while 5.8% were attributed to damage vehicle technicians

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