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Cuba: Provincial governors and deputy governors took office this Sunday

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Toma de posesión del gobernador y la vicegobernadora de Villa Clara

MIAMI, United States. – The “elected” governors and lieutenant governors in the votes of May 28 took possession of their posts this Sunday, according to official Cuban media.

According to the president of the National Electoral Council (CEN) of the regime, Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez, the authorities summoned 12,240 delegates from a total of 12,427 constituencies throughout Cuba, excluding 83 from the Isla de la Juventud Special Municipality, where a mayor is appointed, and 104 vacant positions.

The vote yielded 180 blank ballots (1.5%) and eight annulled (0.07%). The remaining ballots, 11,847 (98.44%), were valid. These were divided between 11.95 (93.65%) votes for all and 752 (6.35%) votes for selection.

With these results, all the proposals presented were elected with more than 90% of the valid votes cast in each province. The electoral process began at 9:00 in the morning and was carried out “in a calm, transparent manner and in accordance with Cuban legality,” according to the Cuban electoral authority.

Among the “elected” governors and deputy governors are Eumelin González Sánchez and Niurka Rodríguez Hernández in Pinar del Río, Ricardo Concepción Rodríguez and Yamina Duarte Duarte in Artemisa, and Yanet Hernández Pérez and Jesús Otamendiz Campos in Havana.

The complete list of governors and lieutenant governors includes representatives from all regions of Cuba, from Villa Clara and Cienfuegos to Las Tunas and Santiago de Cuba.

In addition, Ricardo Concepción Rodríguez in Artemisa, Mario Sabines Lorenzo in Matanzas and Alberto López Díaz in Villa Clara were “elected” and were re-elected to their posts.

In accordance with the laws of the Cuban regime, the governors and deputy governors are elected for a five-year mandate period, based on the proposals presented by the President of the Republic.

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