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Cuba: new Copyright Law “favors literary and artistic creation”, says Minister of Culture

The new Law on the Rights of the Author and of the Performing Artist, approved this Monday by the deputies of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) “It favors wide access to literary and artistic creation,” according to Alpidio Alonso Grau, Minister of Culture, according to official media on the island.

The highest cultural authority in the country considered that the regulations “improve the protection of copyright”, represent “an explicit recognition of the work of creators” and “support the cultural policy of the State”, according to his words, reviewed by an office of the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

During his speech before the deputies, Alonso highlighted the interest and opinions that the original text aroused among writers, artists and other sectors after being published on the digital portal Cubarte del Ministry of Culture (Mincult)add the middle.

The official also highlighted the support of the Ministry of Justice and other organizations to update the law, since the current one dates from 1977. «More than four decades have passed since the implementation of this regulation, which at the time offered benefits to the sector, but considering the changes in the nation, In a world controlled by transnationals and where a neoliberal conception of knowledge and culture predominates, it was necessary to regulate the transformations”, he said without providing details of the most transcendental changes that the legal text underwent.

According to the minister, the new law is a “necessary instrument”, very useful in the complex international context, it incorporates the essential obligations of the international treaties to which Cuba is a signatory, and defends the conceptions of culture and knowledge that defends the social project, specifies the source.

In the same way, it gives an effective response to the demand of intellectuals for payment for the use of works in the digital sphere and for the remuneration of artists and performers that are included in this text, added the official, quoted by the ACN.

Alonso also stressed that in its elaboration, the duty to protect the multiple expressions of creations in the various fields was taken into account through the conception of literary and artistic creation, and the broad democratic exercise prevailed, which included the participation of experts and organizations that group these professionals, points out the source

He mentioned that since the transformation of the Cuban economic and social model, notable changes have taken place “to give an effective response to the claims of intellectuals” who repeatedly demand payment for the use of works in the digital sphere and for remuneration to artists and performers, aspects collected in this text.

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