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Cuba: National Consultation on the Environment Begins

Cuba began a national consultation process for the exchange and collection of information related to the environment. She did so with a view to his participation at the beginning of June in an international meeting on the subject, convened by the General Assembly of the UNaccording to official sources.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma) acts as the coordinating body for the consultation. It is accompanied by the corresponding United Nations program for the compilation of testimonies to be presented at the «Stockholm+50. A healthy planet for the prosperity of all: our responsibility, our opportunity”, informs the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

This meeting will be held in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, on June 2 and 3. Previously, in Cuba the information will be socialized, actors will be mobilized and spaces will be promoted on the subject among entities, non-governmental organizations and scientific institutions throughout the country, according to the newspaper.

The General Directorate of the Environment of CITMA specified to the ACN that the reflections on the particular include actions on the plans of Food SovereigntyNutritional Education and the New Urban Agenda, as well as policies and regulations for territorial development.

It also includes the new Environmental Law, the Nationally Determined Contribution, the National Biodiversity Program, the plans to achieve the objectives of other related Multilateral Environmental Agreements, as well as international projects in environmental matters and natural resource management.

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In the case of the local level, the consultation constitutes a space that “can contribute to broaden the understanding of environmental problems, vulnerabilities, dangers and risks, and intrinsic potentialities of the territories for a resilient and low-emission development”, details the ACN.

In addition, it should serve to identify proposals and options with the purpose of strengthening the local dimension of research on the environment and natural resources, and the necessary response measures to ensure the assimilation of economic and social activities, and of communities. .

It will also influence the priority attention to the possible negative impacts associated with climate change in productive sectors of interest for existing and projected local development, with emphasis on the municipalities already affected and those most threatened, limits the publication

The journalistic office points out that the process aims to ensure the conditions for the exercise of “participatory environmental management”, and promote solutions based on communities, in a way that is articulated with the needs of the population in an integral way and takes advantage of the capacities and the potential of all economic actors and people in general.

The CITMA General Directorate for the Environment invited all those interested in collaborating in the consultation to join by using the Sparkblue Community Participation Platform for UN agencies (

The entity announced the celebration in Havana, on May 12, of a National Workshop that will include the participation of government institutions, the business sector, scientific centers, local authorities and representatives of civil society, among other social actors.

The Stockholm Conference, held in 1972, is considered the starting point of international environmental law, recalls the ACN.

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