El comisionado nacional de béisbol en Cuba, Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo, habla en rueda de prensa hoy, en La Habana (Cuba). Foto: Ernesto Mastrascusa/Efe.

Cuba is open to summoning Major League players to its national team

The Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) is open to incorporating island players from the United States Major Leagues into the national team for the next World Classic in 2023, according to statements by Juan Reynaldo Pérez, recently elected president of the organization.

Pérez, who also holds the position of national commissioner, spoke this Friday in the Mesa Redonda space, where he reiterated the FCB’s willingness to resume dialogue with the MLB, interrupted in 2019 after the cancellation of the agreement between the two entities for part of the Donald Trump administration.

This agreement allowed the hiring of Cuban players in Major League organizations through legal and safe mechanisms, without the players having to give up their residence on the island or their link with the federation.

At a press conference on April 12, Pérez told the press that achieving a stable link with the Major Leagues guarantees “the natural flow of Cuban players to and from that circuit.”

The leader clarified that the opening of the FCB will only be with baseball players who “want and love Cuban baseball.” This would include, he clarified, players in foreign leagues, even without the endorsement of the Federation.

He also clarified that there are players in foreign leagues who have shown interest in reinserting themselves into the National Series and who want to play with the Cuban team, so “the 2023 World Baseball Classic offers a clear opportunity to do so.”

In another order, Juan Reynaldo Pérez said that, if an invitation is received, Cuba is willing to return to the Caribbean Series, from which it has been absent since 2021 for not being a permanent member of the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation (CBPC). ). He also pointed out last Tuesday that Cuba is entitled to membership in the CBPC.

Baseball, declared Cultural Heritage of Cuba, is not going through its best moment in decades and that crisis has been reflected in an unprecedented exodus of players.

According to the official newspaper «Workers», a total of 635 baseball players have left the country in the last six years (the figure includes departures with and without permission from the State).

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