El cubano Erick Hernández rompió este sábado un récord Guinness al tocar 351 veces el balón con la cabeza durante un minuto y superar así en 10 golpes la marca del chino Gao Chong. Foto: Yander Zamora/Efe.

Cuba: Erick Hernández sets another Guinness record in mastery of the ball

Cuban Erick Hernández broke this Saturday a new Guinness record in control of the ball, by touching the ball with his head 351 times during one minute and thus surpassing the previous Chinese Gao Chong brand.

“It means a lot because it is a record with a lot of repercussion and it is quite difficult to beat it by 10 touches,” said Hernández after implanting the new brand in the Copacabana hotel in the capital.

The 55-year-old former Cuban soccer player added that he will now take a break and then start preparing to break another record, that of 10 hours and 9 minutes dominating the ball with just his feet.

Erick Hernández challenges his own shadow

Hernández, with several world records in mastering the ball, set his own record of 350 hits on the ball with his head nine years ago in the same place this Saturday, but it was not recorded by Guinness.

Their latest brand It was on May 17, 2020 when he performed the exercise in his own home and recorded 188 hits with his head to the sphere in 30 seconds, to break by one the previous mark that Guinness had approved in 2011.

Hernández began to practice the ball control modality in 1994, following the tradition of his brother Douglas Hernández, precursor of the specialty in Cuba.

Since then he has proven his ability to play the round with almost all parts of the body, achieving mastery marks with his thighs, knees, feet, headrunning the 100 meters and the marathon.

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