Cuba eliminates the controversial repatriation requirement for athletes residing abroad

Among the controversy over the leaks, this Thursday the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (Inder), announced the removal of repatriation requirement for Cuban athletes residing abroad. The requirement was an impediment for those who decided to emigrate to another country and wanted to participate in an event organized on the Island.

The official media Hit He recognized that this requirement had been the generator of the biggest debates in baseball. It was indicated that it will be up to the different national commissions to update the regulations of their competitions, in order for this decision to take effect immediately.

The most recent case is that of Yasmany Tomás, The tankwho had expressed interest in returning to Cuba and playing with the Industriales team, but the repatriation requirement prevented him from doing so.

This player, who played four seasons with the Arizona Diamondbacks and was also a member of the Mexican team Los Cañeros de Los Mochis, was informed that with the elimination of the controversial measure, he will be able to play with Industriales in play off.

“The baseball province in Havana has just informed Tomás’s family that he is authorized to play the play off 2023″, published by the rubber on Facebook.

The repatriation process, which was authorized in 2013, has been used by emigrants who want to buy a home on the Island, reside in their country after retirement or regain access to certain social services, but it also implies that the person can be ” regulated” with a prohibition to go abroad and that incurs tax and legal duties.

On the other hand, Denilson Milanés, one of the four soccer players who left the concentration of the Cuban soccer team in Miami, was accused of “treason” by his father Adilson Milanés, who works in Costa Rica under the auspices of Inder as coach of beach and indoor volleyball.

Adilson Milanés said "betrayed" for the escape of his son Denilson along with three other soccer players in Miami (USA).  (Facebook/Adilson Milanes)

“My son betrayed me and his grandmother,” said this native of Cienfuegos on his social networks. “Please Denilson, come back,” he asked. Adilson’s words, who studied at the Camilo Cienfuegos Military School, generated controversy and seemed to emanate from the ruling party, from a member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

From desertion, Denilson Milanés has not offered any comment. he was the same Milanese the one who, in the face of the attacks by Internet users, clarified that his reaction had nothing to do with politics. “In my publication I spoke that he betrayed me,” he underlines. “You don’t know why. They want to politicize everything.”

So far, there have been 33 dropouts by Cuban athletes in 2023. The figure does not surprise Raiko Arozarena, the brother of naturalized Mexican baseball player Randy, who arrived in Mexico on a raft in June 2015. “It is something that we see as common,” said the athlete in an interview for the media that cover the Gold Cup. “It has happened with various teams, sports, that players arrive in foreign countries and stay,” he said. .

Raiko Arozarena said that in the morning they trained and it was at breakfast time that they began to count people. “We saw that the boys were missing, that they stayed” in the practice area. “When we had to travel to Houston, we noticed that Roberney Caballero, Denilson Milanés, Neisser Sandó and Jassael Herrera They were not there”.

This Wednesday it was also confirmed that the former baseball player and director of the Island team, Roger Machado, arrived in the United States a month ago. The journalist Yordano Carmona specified that his arrival occurred through the parole humanitarian. “With the shortage that exists in Cuba right now, they even run out of front men for the dictatorship. Yes, Roger Machado via parole humanitarian has been in West Palm Beach for more than a month. How great are you USA!”

Machado, the communicator specified, is remembered for celebrating the Communist Party and the “90th birthday of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.


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