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Cuba: Customs Updates Computer Application to Facilitate Imports

Taking into account the entry into force this Monday of new regulations that allow natural persons to increase non-commercial imports, General Customs of Cuba updated mobile app pre-dispatch to include the changes in the rules and rates now established.

By implementing customs and tariff flexibilities included in Resolution 175 of 2022, the computer tool will help those interested when packing their luggage or sending packages by air, sea or postal means, it refers an office of the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

Also, as explained Customs itself, the application shows the approximate amount to be paid according to the items to be imported, allows you to adjust their category, valuation method and displays the list of items organized with their reference values ​​and maximum amounts where appropriate.

Those interested in downloading the updated application, as well as consulting any information related to it, can do so through the official Web site of the Cuban Customs, points out the news report.

Together with the two resolutions issued by the entity (175 and 176), the official Gazette No. 45 published the 204 of the Ministry of Finance and Prices (MFP)which as of this August 15 authorized to increase what can be sent by sea, postal or courier to the country, and at the same time reduce the tariff rate.

In this sense, natural persons are allowed to import —through shipments— up to 200 dollars, which is equivalent to 20 kilograms (kg), since according to Customs regulations, 1 kg would be the equivalent of 10 dollars. The foregoing implies that “if until yesterday the limit was 10 kg, with the same cost (200 dollars), from now on this amount is maintained but doubling the weight is allowed,” according to the statement. ACN.

Other modifications allow raising the weight of the package from 1.5 to 3 kg for which the person who receives it in Cuba will not have to pay tariffs, as well as lowering the customs tariff to be paid in Cuban pesos (CUP) for sending the package, since now it will not be the entire value, but 30% of the remaining 17 kg, of the total of 20, details this source.

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