Cuba: Confirm a second femicide in less than 24 hours

MIAMI, United States. – On May 27, she was murdered by her partner Danila Rivero García, in the town of Bartle, Las Tunas, confirmed this Monday the Gender Observatory (OGAT) of the feminist magazine taut wings. Its about second femicide confirmed in the last 24 hours and with which there are 34 crimes against women reported in Cuba so far in 2023.

taut wings explained that Rivero García was 46 years old, was a housewife and mother of at least two children. She also indicated that the attacker had taken his own life after committing the violent act.

Likewise, OGAT reported that it is currently “in the process of verification” of a new femicide alert denounced by journalist Alberto Arego. In this case heThe victim, a resident of Guantánamo province, was identified as Iliana Martínez.

“They killed my younger sister Iliana Martínez”, posted on Facebook Obersy Guerra.

According to sources close to the journalist Alberto Arego, the murder occurred in the San Gregorio neighborhood, between 13th and 14th streets in the South. The reporter shared a video where a large number of people can be seen around the crime scene.

So far this year, at least one femicide has been reported in each of the Cuban provinces. Most of the murdered women lost their lives at the hands of men they knew and who were, in many cases, their partner or ex-partner.

The statistics on gender violence on the Island barely constitute an underreporting: we do not know how many women have died from gender-related issues. The Government does not make the figures transparent or tell the stories of the victims.

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