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Cuba closed the year 2022 with more than 1,000 political prisoners

Presos políticos, Cuba

Havana Cuba. – According to the most recent report by the NGO Prisoners Defenders, Cuba closed the month of December 2022 with 29 new political prisoners, for a total of 1,057 who suffer judicial sentences or limited freedom.

It is estimated that some 30 people sanctioned for political reasons enter Cuban prisons every month, in the same way that the repressive bodies continue to harass civil society and the population in general, to prevent complaints about the increasingly unsustainable economic situation from spreading. , social and political that crosses the Island.

The report records that, of the total number of political prisoners, 36 are minors, of which 16 are being prosecuted or have been tried for the crime of sedition, receiving a penalty of five years in prison, on average.

Of the protesters of the July 11, 2021at least 175 have been accused of sedition and sentenced to an average of more than 10 years in prison.

At least 123 women suffer political and conscience imprisonment. Transgender women have been jailed alongside men, despite the fact that the new Family Code establishes respect for the rights of trans people.

Likewise, it warned about the discretionary use of the term “parental responsibility” which within said Code replaced that of “parental authority”. According to the report, “parental responsibility” is being used to threaten fathers and mothers imprisoned for political reasons with the loss of custody of their children, if they insist on exercising their freedom of expression and maintaining an irreverent, critical stance against the system.

Prisoners Defenders points out that the methods of coercion by the regime have been effective, because despite the deep misery in which Cubans live, fear has proven to be superior to indignation, causing the people to limit the exercise of their fundamental rights.

The report also points out that the severe economic paralysis of Cuba and the progressive loss of political and moral capital of the Castro government have accentuated its dependence on the global totalitarian bloc. The Cuban regime is a declared ally of Russia and Iran, consequently supporting the invasion of Ukrainethe savage repression against Iranian citizens, public executions and violence against women in that Islamic nation.

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