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Cuba and Russia will collaborate in economic transformation program


Miguel Díaz-Canel reiterated this Wednesday to a delegation of Russian businessmen visiting Havana the “will” of his government to take political dialogue and bilateral economic and trade relations to “a higher moment” with Russia.

The delegation was headed by the counselor of the Russian Presidency for the rights of entrepreneurs and also president of the Cuba-Russia Business Council, Boris Titovaccording to reports the page of the Presidency of Cuba.

“We see this visit with great significance because it shows that there is a willingness on the part of the governments of both countries to take the important political dialogue and, above all, relations in the economic and commercial field to a higher moment,” said the president. Cuban.

During the exchange, Díaz-Canel pointed out that the visit continues the “very satisfactory” meetings he had with his counterpart, Vladimir Putin, during his visit to Moscow last November and affirmed that there are “potentials to expand cooperation, with benefit mutual”.

Economic Transformation Center

According to the agency interface, During the meeting, the decision was made to jointly found a Center for Economic Transformation, to prepare “economic transformations in Cuba based on the development of private enterprise.”

The joint expert center will include, on the Cuban side, representatives of key ministries and the Central Bank, and on the Russian side, experts from the PA Stolypin Institute for Growth Economicsone of the main think tank Russians, the Center for Strategic Research and the Institute of Economic Forecasting of Russia, detailed Interfax.

“We are impressed by the high level of professionalism of the specialists who spoke with us from the side of the Cuban government: they spoke absolutely the same language. It seems to me that everything will work out for us, Boris Titov commented on the results of the meeting.

Titov explained that Russia has experience in creating digital systems for companies. “Our task is to share the experience of digital technologies used successfully in Russia with our Cuban friends.”

The Institute for Growth Economics is named after PA Stolypin (1862-1911), a Russian reformist politician, former Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior under Tsar Nicholas II.

Putin and Díaz-Canel willing to comply with the agreements reached in the Kremlin

Efe/Presidency of Cuba/Interfax/OnCuba.

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