Cuba, an eternal Special Period?

Havana Cuba. – Between deficiencies and difficulties, the life of Cubans on the island transits, who are still not clear how the regime could get the country afloat from the deep economic crisis in which it is submerged.

In fact, the Island is going through a second “special period”, in which shortages and inflation leave most Cubans without hope of improvement.

What is the solution for this second “special period”? was the question with which CubaNet toured the streets of Havana to find out what people think about this topic.

“You have to work hard and many do not want to work as a result of the fact that the salary does not account for it. salary is below [del precio] of food products and that is the most serious problem we have,” said an elderly man who earns his living as a gardener because the money he receives for retirement is not enough, according to what he told CubaNet.

“Some speak what they want, others are silent and others protest. The truth is that each one reflects his discontent as he understands and deems appropriate; the reality is that people are tired of having to work,” added the 74-year-old.

For many, the current situation is worse than the one experienced in the 1990s when the Island was hit by the so-called Special Period, a euphemism used by Fidel Castro to avoid alluding to the serious crisis that occurred after the disintegration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

“Fidel said in a speech that everything that had to be changed had to be changed, and these people [la generación de la “continuidad”] it changed, but all in its own way; so for me if he continues this regime he will not see any change and everything will continue the same ”, assured another of the interviewees.

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