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Cuba: 268 victims of repression in November

MADRID, Spain.- Incidents of repression by the Cuban regime experienced an increase in the month of November, going from 138 registered in October to 162, Cubalex reported this week, organization which continues to monitor the human rights situation on the island.

During the past month Cubalex was able to identify 35 types of repressive incidents, which, as in previous months, are associated with investigative proceedings and practices not regulated by law or regulatory provisions. Most of them are related to arbitrary arrests, transfers and illegal official citations, deprivation of liberty, and criminal or administrative proceedings that include serious human rights violations.

according to monthly report According to the organization, November was the month with the greatest repression of the quarter, and its particularity was the use of said practices as a way of hindering the political participation of citizens in municipal elections.

“November showed an average of five registered daily events. Days 2, 3 and 23 were the most repressive. Incidents of repression were reported in 38 municipalities and 13 provinces of the country. Havana continues to be the province with the highest number of incidents and victims. However, the repression inside the country is more intense and State agents act with greater impunity and less public exposure,” the report states.

Cubalex counted 268 victims of repression, 88 women and 114 men. In two events that affected 66 people, it was not possible to differentiate between women and men. Of the total number of victims, 158 were repressed as a group: couples, families, and independent civil society organizations. In the case of 92 people it was not possible to determine the type of relationship. The three incidents that affected the most were arbitrary arrests, transfers and police surveillance operations.

The document denounces that the use of criminal law as an instrument of repression and criminalization of fundamental rights, mainly against human rights defenders, is the most used measure.

It also highlights that the increasing deterioration of economic, social and political conditions, especially the increase in human rights violations by government authorities, have exacerbated the vulnerability of citizens.

Faced with this situation, Cubalex assured that it “will continue to monitor compliance with the recommendations made by the Committee Against Torture to the Cuban State in May 2022 due to the absence of procedural safeguards in Cuban legislation and the discrimination of persons deprived of their liberty for reasons politicians”.

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