CTI agent is injured when intervening in massive TransMilenio robbery

CTI agent is injured when intervening in massive TransMilenio robbery

On May 9, at night, a CTI agent who was a passenger on TransMilenio ended up injured after confronting a group of criminals.

The massive heist it happened in the hospital station, where the thieves were waiting for an articulated bus that they could rob.

“The articulated one opens the doors, three people enter, the passengers say there were six criminals. With sharp weapons, knives, they begin to threaten all the passengers,” he assured. the ITC agent to a national media.

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Later, the man recounts how he tried to interrupt the robbery, “I reacted and went to the criminal who approached me to confront him to recover the items stolen from the passengers, but he attacked me with the knife and injured my arm.”

Despite his brave deed, The criminals managed to take several cell phones, However, thanks to the reaction of this man, who works with the homicide group, the robbery was not greater.

The agent also told Snail News that he was the only person who stood up to him and that no one supported him, on the contrary all the other passengers hid and allowed themselves to be robbed.

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Apparently, the “friends of the alien” are taking advantage of the fact that Calle 2 with Avenida Caracas is closed, therefore no one can follow them since only the TransMilenio lane works.

The victims make an urgent appeal to the authorities to be on the lookout for that criminal gang that whenever he commits a crime he hides in the San Bernardo neighborhood.

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