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CSJ magistrates did a doctorate at UNIVAL, the university eliminated for “not having consistent academic plans”

CSJ magistrates did a doctorate at UNIVAL, the university eliminated for "not having consistent academic plans"

A group of magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) were students of a doctorate in philosophy of law, which was taught by the International University for the Integration of Latin America (UNIVAL), the house of studies that the regime of Daniel Ortega y Rosario Murillo ordered the cancellation of the legal personality because allegedly it does not have a “consistent academic offer in terms of its minimum elements that the study plans must have” required by the authorities of the National Council of Universities (CNU) and the National Evaluation Council and Accreditation (CNEA).

Education experts consulted by Article 66 They criticized the annihilation of this university and assured that this action by the dictatorship is part of the “dismantling of the fabric” in terms of education, health, community development and in all aspects of the country’s social life. In addition, they explain that this cancellation demonstrates a lack of communication between the State institutions that had an agreement with UNIVAL to impart academic processes to officials of the Judiciary.

According to reports from the dictatorial family’s propaganda media and CSJ publicationsIn May 2021, Judges Juana Méndez, Octavio Rothschuh, Auxiliadora Alemán, Sergio Bonilla, Einstein Vargas Echegoyen, among others, received their PhD in Philosophy of Law from UNIVAL and the Mahanaim International University, in the United States. , an alma mater of the empire that hates the Nicaraguan dictatorship. Said university was part of the World Week of Action for Education that is commemorated annually.

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“There is no coherence or articulated decisions, it is a State that acts on the basis of what has occurred to it. This is serious, evidence that there is no fluid communication on the part of State institutions that allows the correct application of the law,” explained one of the experts.

The performance of the CNU

The Ministry of the Interior explained that the CNU and the CNEA evaluated UNIVAL from November 23 to 26, both at its headquarters in Managua and at its campuses located in the cities of Juigalpa, Jinotega, Matagalpa and Ocotal, with the purpose of verifying compliance with the career curriculum, as well as the number of teachers, enrollment, graduates, among others. He argues that the international academic offer of UNIVAL in several countries does not have the authorization of the CNU.

CSJ magistrates did a doctorate at UNIVAL, the university eliminated for "not having consistent academic plans"

«The arguments of the dictatorship are strange because even its magistrates were trained at the doctoral level at UNIVAL, so it means that these titles are useless. They are not valid. To say now that the academic offer is invalid is to affect the doctoral degrees that were conferred on officials loyal to the Ortega Murillo regime. If the races are not authorized, why did the CNU not act before?” questioned one of the education experts and professor at one of the universities canceled by the National Assembly.

In addition, they emphasize that other public universities, more renowned and with a long history, offer different doctoral programs that adapt to the training needs of judicial officials.

The validity of the titles

The experts also criticize the validity of the doctoral degrees in philosophy of law that were delivered to the CSJ magistrates because, according to the Nicaraguan regime, UNIVAL did not have a consistent academic offer in terms of its minimum elements that They must have the study plans, which would include the classes that were taught to the officials of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

«When the peers from the CNEA make visits to the houses of study, they give a series of recommendations to the universities, but now they come to say that the university, after 25 years of functioning, to say that it is not useful, is illogical and directly affects the titles delivered to the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, “he added.

Article 66 consulted in the State Contracting System (SICAE) the Annual Contracting Program (PAC) of the CSJ for the years 2019 to 2021, to find out how much money the doctorate of the magistrates of the Judiciary cost Nicaraguans, but there is no registration of said academic process that would last two years, the regular time that such training entails.

After the closure of UNIVAL, several questions now arise about the validity of the titles of the six magistrates who were trained by said university, and the criteria that CSJ officials took into account to study a doctorate in law, but a topic how this is kept secret like everything that happens in the country since 2007, years in which Daniel Ortega and his entourage of supporters of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) returned to the Presidency.

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