Criticism in Boaco: "regime prefers horses in the streets, than devout people in processions"

Criticism in Boaco: “regime prefers horses in the streets, than devout people in processions”

«The regime prefers people in boots in horse parades than devout communities in religious processions»laments a citizen from Boaqueño who prefers to omit his name, but cannot silence his indignation at the limitations imposed. Next July, the image of Santiago Apóstol will not be able to tour the streets of the two-story city, Boaco, due to government prohibitions, but the horse riding event already has a date.

The source reports that before, the processions were carried out without major difficulties and that there was coordination with the police authorities to protect those who participated in them. «Now we are seeing things that we did not even see in the eighties. She’s crazy, everything seems out of control»refers the citizen with a sense of regret in his voice.

This history of impediments was also experienced by those who are devoted to Santa Rita de Casia, since the patronal activities in Teustepe were only carried out inside the temple. The same has happened in other small communities in the department of Boaco, where their patron saint festivities were reduced to the space of churches and chapels.

Boots and horses, yes they can

A source close to the Police, in Managua, comments under anonymity that the orientation is to remind the parish priest that he cannot carry out religious activities on public roads. On some occasions, this reminder warns that only the Police can authorize the processions, he emphasizes.

That is what has happened in the city of Boaco, with the proximity of the patronal festival in honor of Santiago Apóstol, as confirmed by a Sandinista militant who does not agree with this type of measure. “I learned that the church was already prohibited from taking the procession out of Santiago and that the Police recommended giving any justification,” says the citizen, also under anonymity so as not to be labeled a traitor.

Unlike the limitations imposed on the church, the equestrian clubs and associations show that they have the tray served to carry out their activities on dates close to the patron saint festivities of the municipalities. It is enough to review the publications on social networks, to confirm that the government prefers «horses in the streets, instead of people expressing their devotion».

On June 2, the facebook profile “Hípicos Boaco” published what was related to the next equestrian parade in the two-story city. According to the post, the horse riding will take place on Sunday, July 16, with a dedication in memory and tributes to a couple of ranches. It also refers to the realization of a children’s horse riding scheduled for Sunday, July 9.

In the same profile there is a publication made at 5:54 in the afternoon of Saturday, June 17, which talks about horse parades. On this occasion, the organizers declare that they are ready, interpreting that they have the corresponding permits.

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