Cristóbal Rodríguez llama prestar atención a separación de elecciones

Cristóbal Rodríguez calls attention to the separation of elections

The constitutional lawyer Christopher Rodriguezcalled today to pay attention to the format of the celebration of the municipal electionscongressional and presidential.

“I said it in 19 and I say it now in the pre-election yearin this country we have to seriously reform the way in which municipal elections are separated from legislative and presidential elections“, said.

interviewed on the show “Telematutino 11”the specialist detailed the schedule that the matches must follow and how this alters the scheme of it.

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“(…) The pre-election year is a year completely overwhelmed by activism. The parties are organizing their internal contests, their internal candidacies, that ends in October, but when it ends the campaign for the municipal elections begins, but when the municipal ones finish comes the campaign for the legislative and presidential elections, and on April 24 in the middle of the campaigns take possession of the mayors and councilors”, he said.

He also pointed out that this schedule for holding the elections has a “destabilizing potential” in said process.

“That has a tremendous potential to destabilize the electoral process. One day we will find out what really happened on February 15, 2020, but it is associated with the fact that in February no one will accept that they lost because the February result is usually a projection of the May result, at two levels, presidential and legislative”, he pointed out.

Christopher Rodriguez it was dispatched in these terms when pointing out the obstacles to limit individual contributions in the campaign regarding the knowledge of the reform to the electoral law that is undergoing in the National Congress.

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