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Cristian ‘Cebolla’ Rodríguez announces his retirement from football

The Uruguayan Cristian ‘Cebolla’ Rodríguez put an end to his professional career. in which he became one of the most winning players in the history of the South American country.

Although the footballer He did not write any messages on his social networksYeah He shared the greeting of several of his former colleagues who greeted him after the news was released.

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One of them was the captain of the Uruguayan team Diego Godín who wrote on his Instagram account: “Pride and above all thanks for everything shared, for what you always helped me and because I was able to share a thousand battles with a friend! I wish you the best always”.

Another was the Spanish Mario Suárez, with whom the ‘Cebolla’ played during his time as a footballer for the Spanish Atlético de Madrid.

Born in the Uruguayan city of Juan Lacaze in September 1985, Rodríguez began his professional career in 2002 defending Peñarol.

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Then he went through the French Paris Saint-Germain (2005-2007), the Portuguese Benfica (2007-2008) and Porto (2008-2012), the Atlético de Madrid (2012-2015), the Italian Parma (2015), the Brazilian Gremio (2015) and the Argentine Independiente (2015-2017).

in that last year He returned to Peñarol, where he was captain, won the Uruguayan Championship twice and became one of the great figures in the Classic matches.

In 2021, the player left his love affairs and signed for Plaza Colonia, team of the department (province) where he was born and in which he also celebrated a title.

Throughout his career, ‘Cebolla’ Rodríguez shouted champion 25 times and between them cHe won two international club titles: the UEFA Europa League and the European Super Cup.

Besides, The now ex-soccer player defended the Uruguayan team in 110 games between 2003 and 2018, in which he scored 11 goals and won a title: the 2011 Copa América.

He participated in two World Cups, four Copa América and one Confederations Cup.

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