Cristian Ábrego: ‘Mistrust has generated the serious situation we find ourselves in today’

The pre-candidate for deputy for the free nomination in North Panama, Cristian Ábrego, spoke this Wednesday, on Radio Panama, about the current situation in the country and the presentation of irrevocable resignations to privileges in case of being elected.

Ábrego affirmed that since the pandemic, Panamanians have begun to live to survive and with the fuel crisis, they can no longer even survive. “We have a government and an Assembly that instead of feeling empathy with the economic situation of Panamanians, rent luxury vehicles, increase the state payroll, hire the entire family, approve the re-election of a highly questioned rector, etc.” , he remarked.

He indicated that trust is the best recipe to avoid social outburst, however, trust is earned; “This government and this Assembly are far from having earned this trust.”

As a pre-candidate for deputy, Ábrego decided on Tuesday to renounce a number of privileges that deputies currently have: “I renounced trips paid for by the government, travel expenses, cell phones, vehicle rentals, car purchases and tax exemptions for the purchase of vehicles, gasoline paid for by the state”.

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