Crispiano Adames culminates tour in Coclé, reiterates complaints of political persecution

The presidential candidate for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Crispiano Adames, during a tour of the province of Coclé, assured that the government wants to impose an anointed one, who is not even a prophet in his own land.

«Penonomé is not a clientelist town; It is a land of noble people, who keep in their hearts the deep hope of restoring the dignity and Torrijista essence to the PRD,” he said.

The domestic patrol began in Antón, where hundreds of supporters gathered to share with Adames. Later he went to the community of El Congo, where he spoke with supporters of Penonomé and La Pintada.

“An anointed who is not a prophet in his own land because they do not want him,” said Adames, to the applause of the large number of supporters present. “The time has come to make our voices heard with a forceful and courageous vote,” said Dr. Adames.

He added that it is unfortunate that precisely during a PRD government, there are a large number of communities abandoned to their best luck. “This is not Omar’s PRD, who planted schools and health centers nationwide,” said the candidate. Not satisfied with not having met the needs of the people, now they put pressure on public officials in a disastrous and unprecedented way, he reiterated.

The tour culminated in Aguadulce, where hundreds of supporters showed support for the Tu Voto es tu Voz campaign.

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