Criminals will not be able to apply, according to the approved bill

Criminals will not be able to apply, according to the approved bill

They close the doors of power to criminals. The yesterday approved the opinion so that people convicted of homicide, rape, drug trafficking, terrorism, kidnapping and other crimes, cannot run for elected positions or exercise public office, even up to ten years after completing their sentence (rehabilitated).

Despite the fact that the proposal seeks to promote the suitability of the person who accesses public office, the opinion, approved by 10 congressmen, found incredibly and contrary to what the population expects, the rejection of five of the members of this group of work, among them Waldemar Cerrón (Free Peru), Álex Paredes (Teachers’ Block), Jaime Quito (Free Peru), Álex Flores (Free Peru) and Germán Tacuri (Teachers’ Block).

Others such as Hamlet Echevarría (Democratic Peru), Ruth Luque (Democratic Change- Together for Peru), Víctor Raúl Cutipa (Bicentennial Peru) and Susel Paredes (Not grouped) voted in abstention.

In favor of the proposal presented by Alejandro Muñante, are Hernando Guerra García (Popular Force), Alejandro Cavero (Avanza País), Arturo Alegría García (Popular Force), Lady Camones (APP), Luis Aragón (Popular Action), Jeny López ( Popular Force), Gladys Echaíz (Avanza País), Adriana Tudela (Avanza País), Alejandro Aguinaga (Popular Force) and José Luis Elías Ávalos (Podemos).

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The text, which proposes modifications in two articles and a paragraph of the Political Constitution, indicates that the application of persons sentenced to custodial sentence, effective or suspended, either as author or accomplice, for the crimes will be prevented. of terrorism, illicit drug trafficking, rape, collusion, embezzlement, corruption of officials, homicide, human trafficking, kidnapping, as well as crimes against the powers of the State and the constitutional order (against national security and treason). .

Article 34 A, one of those that will be modified, indicated that persons on whom a conviction issued in the first instance falls, as perpetrators or accomplices for the commission of an intentional crime, were prevented from applying.

This opinion must now go to the plenary session of Congress for debate. Here we will see who wants the best for the country.


-In a recent ruling, the Constitutional Court ruled that those convicted of terrorism, who have been rehabilitated, may run for public office by popular election.

-The sentence was questioned, because it would imply an affectation to the democratic order.


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