Crimes against life drop 17% in Rio de Janeiro

Crimes against life drop 17% in Rio de Janeiro

Crimes against life in the state of Rio de Janeiro fell by 17% between January and April 2022, compared to the same period last year. 1,025 victims were registered, the lowest figure for the period since 1991. The data were released today (19) by the Rio Public Security Institute (ISP). In April, according to the survey, there were 265 cases of intentional homicide, representing 13% less than in the same month in 2021.Crimes against life drop 17% in Rio de Janeiro

Still in the first four months of the year, violent lethality, which includes intentional homicide, bodily harm followed by death, robbery followed by death and death by the intervention of a state agent, registered 1,455 victims, which means 23% less in comparison with the same period last year. This is the lowest value for the four months since 1991, as well as for the month of April, when there were 356 cases.

Robberies followed by death, which are robberies, went from 39 cases in 2021 to 16 victims this year. Deaths from intervention by a state agent decreased by 32% in the period, with the record of 405 deaths in the first four months of 2022. In April there were 87 deaths representing a 39% drop compared to the month.

Another indicator that had a reduction was street robberies, which are robberies from passerby, collective and cell phones. In the first quarter they fell by 21%. In all, there were 19,348 cases, while in the same period in 2021 there were 24,414. According to the ISP, this is the lowest index for the period since 2005. In April there were 4,849, a 10% reduction compared to the same month in 2021.

Crimes against property, such as vehicle theft and cargo theft, also declined in the first four months of the year. Vehicles totaled 7,741 cases between January and April, a drop of 14%. According to the institute, the lowest value for the accumulated since 2012. Only in April there were 1,965, a reduction of 7% in relation to the month.

There was still a decline in the cargo theft indicator. Between January and April there were 1,379 cases. In April, they totaled 325 robberies. The lowest values ​​for the month and for the accumulated since 2013. In relation to the first four months of 2021, the fall is 8% and 18% for the month of April.

For the governor of Rio, Cláudio Castro, the continued decline in the number of homicides and violent lethality is also important to maintain the reduction in crimes against property. “We know that crimes against property cause a feeling of insecurity in the population, which is why reducing theft is so important. We invested and will continue to invest in our police forces, to reduce these numbers even more”.

In the understanding of the ISP’s director-president, Marcela Ortiz, the state’s investments in public security allow a drop in crime indicators in the state of Rio. “The constant expressive reductions in the state’s indexes, which have been happening in recent months, are the result of investment in public security and in the servers of the security forces”.

The data released by the ISP refer to the records of occurrences recorded in the Civil Police stations of the State of Rio de Janeiro in the month of April.

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