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Crime takes over Guachupita and Los Guandules

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Two viral videos on social networks reveal how life is lived in many neighborhoods of Greater Santo Domingo, where the insecurity caused by crime keeps a significant part of the population in anxiety.

Although the two audiovisuals published in recent days on the networks correspond only to the Guachupita sector, the reality is that, according to locals, crime extends to the surrounding neighborhoods and especially in Los Guandules and La Ciénaga, two impoverished sectors on the banks of the river. Ozama river.



In the first video, five criminals are seen coming out of nowhere like hyenas, armed with pistols, stripping a man of his motorcycle in Guachupita, National District, in addition to several shots fired by antisocials to dissuade any intention.

In Gualey some store fuels for sale.

Another audiovisual shows how a group of at least six police officers, some on motorcycles, chase the assailants through one of the streets of the aforementioned sector, apparently without success.


Although, according to information from policethe Guachupita sector has been intervened by the institution with the aim of putting an end to the crime that affects its inhabitants and that has been aggravated in recent days, in several tours carried out by a team from this newspaper yesterday and today, not it was possible to see police officers on foot, or on motorized patrols around the place.

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A motoconchista who did not want to give his name for obvious reasons, expressed that “this is the never-ending story, even you the press only remember this neighborhood when something happens. Here everything has remained the same. If I know that they came at dawn they made a raid and left. He added that it is not possible to explain how in an area with two detachments, one two minutes away and the other 5 minutes from any part of this neighborhood, they cannot stop the prevailing crime.

The Pigeon Peas

The situation is no different in the Los Guandules sector, where the tranquility of walking through its streets to go to study or work has been kidnapped by a group of antisocials that is dedicated to selling drugs and robbery at any time of the day and the night.

Practically deserted street this morning in Guachupita.
Practically deserted street this morning.

Labyrinths of narrow two-way streets, strewn with power lines with branches of electricity cables, dozens of men, women and children who move from one place to another, while vehicles and motorcycles take turns to travel through the dangerous alleys of asphalt is the scene of the place.

“It’s embarrassing that a sector like this of poor people can’t live in peace because of a group of gang members who think they own the street. I say they are the owners because they pay tolls to the police to be able to do their misdeeds and that no one messes with them,” another informant said helplessly.


After almost two years of Government, what is the Citizen Security and Police Reform Plan initiated by the State?

PN says operational deployment

The Police reported that today they deployed a broad operation in the Guachupita neighborhood and surrounding sectors, in order to apprehend the members of a gang of criminals involved in several homicides and assaults, and that they faced police officers with bullets last Thursday.

The institution’s spokesman, Colonel Diego Pesqueira, reported that the individuals nicknamed Bombo, Bajaimama, Enrique, Randy, Santiago and Johan, who are heavily armed, are being persecuted for the attack.

After the shooting, Criminal Investigations and Topo units track down the criminals who have so far managed to evade the siege.

He announced that with the integration of five patrol units, preventive work will be reinforced throughout the area.

He added that these units are added to the existing ones. During the operations, the Police detained several people for investigation purposes because they present a suspicious profile.

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