Creator of “re locos papi, re locos” released a song with The Mills

Creator of “re locos papi, re locos” released a song with The Mills

Karla lucia Cajamarca, better known on social networks as Kei Linch, who became famous for the song “you’re crazy daddy you’re crazy”a modification of the theme of Rosalia’s “saoko”is again a trend, after a famous Colombian band will announce a collaboration with the young artist.

In his TikTok account he has approximately 480,000 followerswhere she uploaded a composed rap and created the song that led her to be recognized: “Ñero, what did you do?, daddy watches; watches. I watch daddy; watches. Relocos papi, I am very mine, I transformed myself, a cariloca transformed me, with the straightened one, I transformed myself, a repiroba, I transformed myself”.

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The parody was so successful that even Lina Tejeiro made a video imitating what Kei Linch said. Given the way in which the artist achieved fame, the young woman complained through another topic that said “I made a parody and I recorded ñera de la loma, let them say what they say, let them speak what they want. Years doing rap, screwing myself, and I had to be a clown for someone to turn around to see me, how ironic that this country is like that, here to dedicate oneself to art is to dedicate oneself to suffering”.

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