Creativity as a pattern of everything

Creativity as a pattern of everything

Being creative is a gift that arises, develops and is maintained if there are healthy habits for our mind, we already know that but now Diego Golombek, a PhD in Biological Sciences and scientific disseminator, publishes a book and talks about “mental gymnastics kiosks”. with some recommendations to encourage creativity in our mind.

This human value is not limited to a closed group of people in the world, we can all be creative, stronger or faster in whatever if we have a healthy routine that is on the agenda, for example, spending time reading, being in contact with nature to oxygenate the organ that ensures a happy present and future.

The idea does not come from nowhere, in some way, it is manufactured, which requires us to be open to receive and express ideas with our environment that, although they are not all doctors or masters in something in particular, all can serve to strengthen or conceive some idea that can or may serve us particularly or the global collective that may be needing answers from some creative and original mind.

On the one hand, there is learning and educating yourself well about something in particular and then adding or decorating what you have learned with the tones, ingredients or sounds that each one of us can contribute to any initiative. Golombek insists on work and the ability to adhere to it as fundamental elements to make creativity a reality.

Maintain a spartan routine and discipline for the job we have or for what we have prepared ourselves for, not only because we are paid for it but above all because this job helps us how physical training helps a soccer player to perform better in his matches . Creative habits are practiced every day and arise more as an attitude towards things.

learn to be creative

Being creative should not be confined to people who spend all their time reading or writing or who collect titles and awards for their intellectual work.

Being imaginative or ingenious is a worldwide ability and ability, how to move our limbs, see, smell, breathe or listen. It is in our field to decide if we want to polish said ability and make it useful for something or waste our time on things, people.

That which helps us to build something in our life and avoid that which only destroys our body and system, which must be at one hundred percent to conceive ideas that must respond to individual and collective problems.

Every day we see recurring problems that require new perspectives of transformation and for this the option of putting our minds in a way that encourages and promotes creativity is essential.

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