CRE will play its first three matches of the National Futsal League as visitors

CRE will play its first three matches of the National Futsal League as visitors

July 5, 2022, 2:43 PM

July 5, 2022, 2:43 PM

the cruise champion, CRE, will play their first three games as visitors of the Liga Nacional de Fusal, which will begin in the middle of this month. The Santa Cruz team is part of group D of the tournament, jointly Proyecto Latin from La Paz, Nantes-Vicky Ríos from Tarija and Wolf Sport or Redag from La Paz.

On July 14 and 15 for the first date Latin Project will play against Wolf Sport or Redag and the other match will star Nantes and CRE. On the second date, on July 22, Nantes will compete with Proyecto Latin, while Wolf Sport or Redag will receive CRE. On the third date Proyecto Latin will be local against CRE and Nantes will face Wolf Sport or Redag.

Rematches will be played in the same order of the first phase, obviously changing the location. The fourth date is scheduled for August 12, the fifth day for August 19 and the sixth date will be played on August 26.

A ruling from the Disciplinary Court of the Bolivian Football Federation (FBF) is awaited so that it is defined whether Wolf Sport or Redag will be the team that will play the tournament on behalf of La Paz.

The Bolivian Futsal Commission of the FBF, chaired by Errol Mendoza, elaborated the list of matches for the first phase in which 16 teams divided into four series will compete.

Group A is made up of San Martín from Tarija, Víctor Muriel from Cochabamba, Antofagasta from Chuquisaca and Joyas Sport from Pando. in series b are Petrolero and La Prensa from Yacuiba, Universitario from Chuquisaca and Fantasmas Morales Moralitos from Oruro. group C It is made up of Concepción de Potosí, Lizondo de Chuquisaca, Agua Santa de Oruro and Adutoys de La Paz.

All group matches will be played between July and August, with round-trip matches between the four members of each series.

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