CRE rules out having agreed to install the electric power service in the subjugated area of ​​Lomas de Arena

CRE rules out having agreed to install the electric power service in the subjugated area of ​​Lomas de Arena

December 9, 2022, 22:17 PM

December 9, 2022, 22:17 PM

From the Rural Electrification Cooperative (CRE) they ruled out having admitted and proceeded with the installation of the electric power service in the conflict zone due to subjugation in Lomas de Arena. They admit that there is a request, but it is from an urbanization near the place, named María Auxiliadora.

Through a statement, the cooperative indicates that “andn August 11, the owner of a plot of land located in the María Auxiliadora urbanization, submitted a request for the installation of electric power service. Once accepted, the project was approved through which a 90-meter low-voltage extension would be built. Request for electrical service outside the submerged area”.

Likewise, it clarifies that on “September 1, the applicant signed the energy supply contract and the contractor company Serebó proceeded to carry out the work: placing the poles on November 28 (when the environmental pause had not yet been issued for Government) and had to lay the low voltage pre-assembled cable on December 9; however, in the presence of individuals, councilors, assembly members and parliamentarians in the area, who expressed their opposition, misunderstanding that they would be providing electrical service to the subjugators of the conflict zone of Lomas de Arena, withdrew from the place”.

During the day this Friday, municipal and departmental authorities tried to enter the seized property, but the illegal settlers opposed it and had to withdraw.

That is why the Rural Electrification Cooperative emphasizes that they respect the environmental pause and since it was issued (December 5) they have not carried out any work, “being a distributor from Santa Cruz, respectful of the laws and regulations in force, it complies the resolution of Environmental Administrative Pause, contained in Administrative Resolution SDS and MA No. 014/2022, issued by the Autonomous Departmental Government of Santa Cruz”.

These properties They are taken since last October 22by a group of people who arrived violently and settled illegally.

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