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CPLT supports the CDE for the lawsuit against Raúl Torrealba: “If proven, we are talking about a tremendous embezzlement”

The Council for Transparency (CPLT) supported the criminal complaint of the State Defense Council (CDE) against the former mayor of Vitacura, Raúl Torrealba, and other people from his circle of trust, within the framework of the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office for the diversion of money in the municipality.

In this regard, the head of the CPLT, Francisco Leturia, affirmed that this event that occurred in Vitacura “should be thoroughly investigated and, if proven, we are talking about a tremendous embezzlement, an organization, a machine to extract public resources and leave them in the hands of private”.

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“What was said by the State Defense Council is not a greater surprise, the strange thing would have been that it had decided not to sue. This is, basically, that this matter be thoroughly investigated,” Leturia added.

However, the president of the CPLT was critical in stating that without modifications to the control and prevention systems “this means nothing.”

“We are not going to get anything if we continue to investigate when we discover the facts and we have to wait for a friend to betray a friend to discover a case of corruption.” “Here we have to modify control mechanisms, mechanisms to prevent this type of thing and we are very far from doing it,” Leturia closed.

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