Cow Ten: "People wanted to continue fighting because they see that it is serious;  this government does not forgive"

Cow Ten: "People wanted to continue fighting because they see that it is serious; this government does not forgive"

November 26, 2022, 9:11 PM

November 26, 2022, 9:11 PM

As soon as the attacks on the home of Rómulo Calvo, president of the Committee for Santa Cruz, were announced, the former civic leader Herland Vaca Díez He went to the place to ask him personally about the circumstance in which the measure was lifted.

Personally, I don’t agree with the suspension; I asked them to ask the people if they could hold on any longer,” he reported.

According to Vaca Díez, the interruption was untimely, and requires explanations to be given to the people. “Everyone deserves it because we have fought a lot, 36 days is a very big sacrifice. We are not going to throw this away,” he said.

The doctor and former civic leader indicated: “we are all aware that in the countries where these (Cubans and Venezuelans) dominate, they have nothing, and (the people of Santa Cruz) they prefer to go without eating for days or monthsbut not the years that could come,” he argued.

Another of Vaca Díez’s observations is that the vice-chancellor of the UAGRM, Reinerio Vargas, did not know about the interruption of the pressure measurement.

“There is a lot of disgust everywhere, people wanted to keep fighting and they have their reasonsbecause they see that it is serious. This government does not forgive anyone and has the Cubans and Venezuelans who advise them; Every day they tell their ears what they have to do and they are macabre to do their misdeeds,” he said, exemplifying what happened at the Hotel Las Américas.

According to Vaca Díez, these countries that are behind say that “violence is the midwife of history” and that if there is no violence or blood, they do not change history.

“We Cruceños have to show them that without violence we change history; That is why I ask that, in the midst of everything and whenever possible, do not abandon non-violent measures. With courage and having clear ideas, we are going to continue advancing,” she motivated.

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