COVID: Waldo Ariel llama a alerta a posible llegada variante Centaurus

COVID: Waldo Ariel calls alert to possible arrival Centaurus variant

The ex president of cmd Dr. Waldo Ariel Serumexpressed that due to the increase in cases of covid in the country and before the appearance of the subvariant Omocrón BA.2.75 that has been named CENTAURUS, discovered last June 30 in India and that in a few days it is already in several countries of the world, such as: The United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom.

Faced with the appearance of this new subvariant (CENTAURUS), it is prudent for the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), to remain vigilant against the possible entry into our nation, carry out permanent virological surveillance and, if detected, immediately inform the country. In addition, take the corresponding measures to limit its impact on the population and on the health system.

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The CENTAURUS subvariant is of great epidemiological importance because it has been established that it is 5 TIMES MORE CONTAGIOUS and with a higher transmission speed than the rest of the previous subvariants. What the investigations say so far is that it can infect people regardless of whether they have COVID-19 antibodies in their body, acquired through natural contagion or by vaccines.

With regard to whether this variant is less or more severe than the others, this behavior is still too early to have an answer, since it is necessary to continue observing the evolution of this subvariant in the population.

The symptoms of CENTAURUS are similar to those of the Ómicron subvariant: fever, asthenia, fatigue, headache, cough, but diarrhea, vomiting and sore throat are also frequent.

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