Covid-19: epidemiological scenario in Rio presents stability

The Panorama Covid-19 weekly bulletin, released today (1st), presents a scenario of stability of the early indicators of the disease. Some data are already starting to show a downward trend. The analysis considers data recorded in the week of June 19-24.Covid-19: epidemiological scenario in Rio presents stabilityCovid-19: epidemiological scenario in Rio presents stability

The Secretary of State for Health, Alexandre Chieppe said that “in the last week, we began to observe a stability in calls for flu syndrome in the emergency care units (UPA).

The largest proportion is of adult visits, showing that cases in children are reducing. Positivity rates, in turn, are showing a downward trend. It is important that the population continues looking for the posts to complete the vaccination schedule. Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent severe forms and deaths from the disease.”

According to the State Department of Health, in the last week, an average of 14,875 antigen tests were performed per day, with a positivity of 30%. In relation to RT-PCR, an average of 831 exams are being analyzed per day, with a positivity of 37%. In the week of June 13th to 18th, the positivity of antigen tests was at 34% and that of RT-PCR exams, at 36%.

As for bed requests for the treatment of covid-19, the daily average was 22 for the ICU and 18 for the ward. In the week of June 13 to 18, the daily average was 18 requests to the ICU and 13 to the ward. The daily average of people waiting for a bed is 43 for the ICU and 35 for the ward. It is important to note that the queue is dynamic and, throughout the 24 hours, people enter and leave this queue.

The Undersecretary of Surveillance and Primary Health Care sent a technical note to the 92 municipalities with guidelines on testing for covid-19 in the state. The text warns that basic and emergency care units maintain the offer of rapid antigen test for all cases of flu syndrome.

To check the number of hospitalizations, deaths and vaccination coverage rate, simply access the Covid-19 Monitoring Panel:

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