Brazilian vaccine against covid-19 should be ready in 9 months

Covid-19: Brazil records 30.3 million cases and 662,500 deaths

Ninety-two people died in the last 24 hours as a result of covid-19. With this, the number of people killed by the disease reaches 662,506.

According to a bulletin released this evening by the Ministry of Health, 18,660 more cases of the disease were confirmed between yesterday (20) and today (21), totaling 30,330,629 people who tested positive for the new coronavirus.

The number of people in follow-up is at 314,725. The term is used to designate reported cases of the disease in the last 14 days in which the patient was not discharged or progressed to death.

According to the Ministry of Health, 29,353,398 people have recovered from the disease, which represents 96.8% of the total confirmed cases. There are still 3,126 deaths under investigation, which occurs in cases where the patient died, but the investigation into the cause of death still requires further examinations and procedures.Covid-19: Brazil records 30.3 million cases and 662,500 deaths


Covid-19 – 04/21/2022/Disclosure/ Ministry of Health


So far, the Ministry of Health accounts for the application of 410.7 million doses of vaccines against covid-19. Of this total, 174.4 million correspond to the first dose, 153.7 million to the second dose; and 4.83 million to single doses.

73.58 million booster doses were applied; and 1 million second booster shots. Also according to the ministry, 3.16 million additional doses were applied.

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