Covid-19: 12.4 million people are already receiving a booster dose

Covid-19: 12.4 million people are already receiving a booster dose

In the presence of the covid-19 pandemic, the National Vaccination Plan It became a key axis in the health system, and its implementation at the national level consolidates one of the fundamental objectives to reduce mortality and the incidence of serious cases caused by the virus and also achieve herd immunity.

(They approve in Colombia fourth dose of vaccine against covid).

According to data from the Ministry of Health, at the cutoff of the period from May 18 to 24, 2022, In Colombia, 84,486,714 doses have been applied and 90,893,736 have been distributed.

Of the total doses applied, the entity registers 35,743,500 vaccinated in the first dose, 29,409,479 in second doses6,549,469 in single doses and in reinforcements indicates 12,459,136 doses.

In turn, with a vaccination coverage projection of 51,609,474 suggested by the Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), Colombia currently has 52% (26,837,691) in first dose coverage and 49.2% ( 25,397,837) in full outline.

In terms of coverage by department, Boyacá has 65.8% of its population vaccinated. in Bogotá, which would occupy second place, is estimated at 63.3%, continuing with Quindío (59.2%), San Andrés and Providencia (58.9%) and Casanare (56.4%).

For the turn of the laboratories, 28.6% of the assigned doses have been for Pfizer. In the case of Sinovac, they have 28.4%, and the Moderna laboratory is assigned 16.75% of the doses, followed by AstraZeneca, which corresponds to 16.0%. Finally, for the single dose of Janssen, 10.2% of the assigned doses were estimated.

(60-year-old man was vaccinated 90 times to sell the certificates).

Among the vaccines applied by the laboratories in all types of doses: first dose, second dose and booster, there is Sinovac with approximately 17 million doses, Pfizer with 16 million, AstraZeneca with 9 million, Moderna with 8 million and Janssen with at least 5 million.

According to the vaccination behavior against covid by Colombian citizens, 51.9% of the doses administered have been to women, 46.6% to men and 1.4% for those not reported.

Among the most predominant age groups are 18 to 29 years old with 18.2%, 30 to 39 years old with 16.8% and 40 to 49 years old with 15.6%.

In minors, the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, has been emphatic in making a special call to the territories to continue with the vaccination of children and adolescents between 3 and 11 years of age. On the other hand, in terms of lap, currently in Colombia it stands at 31.4%.

In November 2021, the month with the highest figure since the National Vaccination Plan began, Colombia registered in Paiweb, tool responsible for storing information on vaccination, 4,510,509 cases in lap.

Likewise, the departments most affected by it were: La Guajira, with 59.3%, followed by Cundinamarca that weighed 52.7%, Vichada revealed 52.1%, in the case of Sucre it was estimated 48.1% and the department of Atlántico with 46, 9%.

(Fourth dose of anticovid vaccine in Colombia for special cases).

Although in recent weeks the progress of the National Vaccination Plan has been slow: “We want to increase vaccination, especially in children. Some departments and districts that show a certain relevant lag. That is an outstanding debt of the entire country”, said the portfolio manager.

Despite the regulatory variation in the implementation of vaccination strategies and behavior of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Health stated that “The challenges of the new normality are coming, we still have a way to go, there is the possibility that new subvariants will come, but we trust that the population has sufficient immunity and institutions with knowledge of how to deal with a pandemic.”


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