Court ordered to remake list of eligible for Comptroller

Court ordered to remake list of eligible for Comptroller

The Administrative Court of Cundinamarca ordered the Congress of the Republic to redo the list of the 10 candidates for the position of Comptroller General of the Republicthe measure is adopted by the Court when accepting the arguments of a lawsuit against that list that argued that it did not meet various requirements, including gender parity and merits of the applicants.

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“Mrs. Dalal Karime Dager Nieto, filed a lawsuit against the Comptroller General of the Republic in order to achieve the protection of collective rights to administrative morality for not respecting the principle of merit and gender equality in the process of election of the comptroller general of the Republic, in addition to not knowing the requirements established for the position by some of those selected on the final list of eligible candidates”, states the first part of the Court’s statement when justifying the precautionary measure.

In another of the sections of the judicial body’s statement, Congress is asked to redo the list of candidates for Comptrollertaking into account the necessary criteria so that the members of said list meet the legal requirements to hold that position, including the issue of gender equity, experience and suitability.

“In view of the foregoing, it required that, based on article 234 of the CPACA, an Emergency Precautionary Measure be processed in order to redraw the list of the ten (10) selected to be Comptroller General of the Republic, in order to that the principle of gender equality be respected in it and that File 25000234100020220073700 be withdrawn Plaintiff: Dalal Karime Dager Nieto Defendant: General Congress of the Republic Popular Action lists the candidates who do not meet the conditions required in the Political Constitution of Colombia, based on the following facts,” details the Court’s statement.

Precisely the issue of the list to elect the Comptroller General generated the first divisions in the party of the incoming Government in Congresssince Senator Gustavo Bolívar had expressed his disagreement with said list precisely for the same reasons for which the Court accepted the arguments of this lawsuit, this generated a riff-rafe with the next president of the congress and member of the same community, Roy Barriers.

Roy is campaigning for a candidate for the current comptroller to guarantee the tapen tapen for another 4 years. Several people from the Covenant have called me to advocate for her. That list was manipulated and must be knocked down. They will surely defeat me, but the people voted for a change, do not forget it, ”Bolívar wrote on his Twitter account at the time.

The senator Gustavo Bolivar pointed out that the objections he has made against Roy Barreras “It is not an internal division” but a “call of attention” to review the lists of those eligible as Comptroller within Congress.

“I am making a call to the Historical Pact, so that we have a lot of responsibility in the election of the new Comptrollerwe receive a mandate for a change, this supposes elect people with an impeccable resume who have no commitments to the old political classnor with the current Comptroller, Philip Cordoba”, Bolívar pointed out after the controversy with Roy Barreras.

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On the same subject, Roy Barreras replied through his Twitter account, noting “dear Gustavo. I have avoided for the sake of the success of the Government of Gustavo Petro respond to your attacks but you cannot turn gossip into a political activity” and added that “I have no candidate.”

He emphasized in relation to the list of candidates that: “I said to review it legally. I invite you to come from Miami and help us build.”

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