Court of Honor of the CD welcomes the recusal incident presented by Yanibel Ábrego

The recusal incident presented by the lawyer Carlos Carrillo, on behalf of the deputy Yanibel Abrego, against Javier Rodríguez, Luis Cortés and Dilia Cornejo members of the Court of Honor and Discipline of Democratic Change (CD) who promoted the expulsion process against Abrego and the deputies, was unanimously accepted by the Board of Directors of the CD party.

Through the appeal, it is requested that Javier Rodríguez, Luis Cortés and Dilia Cornejo be declared prevented from acting in file no. 02-22 and that the corresponding replacements be appointed.

The cause of the challenge is based on the provisions of Numeral 2 and 13 of article 760 of the Judicial Code and indicates that the separation of the aforementioned persons is appropriate.

Both articles establish the following: Article 2, “have a duly accredited interest in the process, the judge or magistrate, their spouse or any of their relatives in the degrees expressed in the previous order” and Article 13: “be linked to the judge or magistrate with one of the parties due to legal relationships likely to be affected by the decision.

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