Court leaves the accused for the murder of Eloy Alarcón without precautionary measures and sets nine months for investigation

The Villarrica Guarantee Court rejected this Wednesday the precautionary measures requested by the Public Ministry and the plaintiff against Mauricio Briceno Medinacharged with the consummated crime of homicide of Eloy Alarcon Manquepan. The crime occurred on June 4 in Villarrica.

At the formalization hearing, the magistrate Julio Sandoval Berrocal it left Briceño without precautionary measures, considering that in the case there would be indications that he acted in legitimate defense. In addition, he set the investigation period at nine months.

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As explained by the spokesman for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of La Araucanía, prosecutor Luis Torresthe Public Ministry decided not to request preventive detention considering that there are indications of a possible legitimate defense.

For her part, the lawyer for the Alarcón family, Karina Riquelmeaffirmed that he will appeal the resolution and criticized the Public Ministry for its “inefficiency in the investigation.”

“We hold the Public Ministry responsible for the inefficiency in the investigation and also for the racism with which it exposed the formalization, clearly leaving those who are victims almost as defendants, which seems serious to us, not concentrating on the most serious fact that was the death of Eloy Alarcon Manquepan“said the lawyer.

The facts

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, on Saturday, June 4, at around 10:00 a.m., a group of approximately six people -including the victim-, armed with machetes, sticks, a chainsaw, a bottle of gasoline with mixture and an ax, they went to the building located in the Hualapulli Sector, Luimalla Sur km. 10 of the commune of Villarrica, owned by the accused.

According to the Public Ministry, the group entered the building by force. “They began to destroy and damage the belongings that were inside the home, demanding that the caretaker (Alan Aguillon Medina) to abandon it,” they indicated.

Aguillón left the place -after pointing a revolver at the group- and notified Briceño, who was in the town of Lican Ray buying construction materials. The defendant arrived at the scene in a truck, accompanied by his worker Alejandro Riquelme Rios.

Briceño met Aguillón on the road, who handed him the revolver. Upon arriving at the scene of the events, the defendant “enters by crashing into the gate or access gate, meeting the victim Eloy Alarcón, who was holding an ax in his hands and was in the company of another subject who was carrying a lit chainsaw,” he said. prosecution.

“After a brief discussion with the victim (Briceño), he removed the revolver from his clothing and shot him in the chest area, causing a complicated penetrating chest trauma that caused the death of Eloy Alarcón,” they added.

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