Court clerks are prohibited from giving information about the Medusa case

Court clerks are prohibited from giving information about the Medusa case

The Judiciary restricted the secretaries of the court in charge of the case jellyfish so that they do not offer the press information related to this process.

When asked this Friday at the Secretary of the Third Court of Instruction of the National District if a date was chosen to start with the preliminary hearing of the case, where the former attorney is involved Jean Alain Rodriguezit was reported that details cannot be given and that it is necessary to contact the Press Department of the Judicial Branch.

On previous occasions, questions about the procedures of this and other cases were answered in the aforementioned court, however, now it is impossible.

The prohibition to offer the information comes after last Wednesday the Judiciary sent a press release indicating that the Third Court of Instruction of the National District concluded with the collation of the evidence and the accusation presented by the Public Ministry and that, “In the next few hours, the court is preparing to issue a hearing order.”

The Public Ministry presented earlier this month the formal accusation against former attorney Jean Alain Rodríguez and the other 40 accused of creating a network, to distract billions of pesos from the Attorney General’s Office through a series of maneuvers. There are also 22 companies processed.

Therefore, they are waiting for a date to be set to start with the preliminary, where Judge Amauri Martínez, of the Third Court of Instruction, will decide if the accusation has sufficient merit to send the case to the trial stage.

For the case, the former prosecutor Rodríguez, the former director of Information Technology and Communication of the Public Ministry, Javier Alejandro Forteza Ibarra, is in prison; the former administrative director, Jonathan Joel Rodríguez Imbert, and Alfredo Alexander Solano Augusto, former administrative deputy director.

Jenny Marte Peña, former head of Projects, is under house arrest, as is former deputy administrative director Altagracia Guillén Calzado, as well as Rafael Antonio Mercedes Marte, former director of Accounting.

The process is also being carried out against former adviser Miguel José Moya, who was imposed an economic guarantee of one million pesos in the form of a contract with an insurance company, an exit impediment and periodic presentation.

The other defendants are at liberty since they were subjected after those who do comply with the different coercive measures and against them, Pepca has not yet requested any restriction from the court.

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