Court approves budget increase of 56% for 2023

Court approves budget increase of 56% for 2023

The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) approved a 2023 budget with an increase of 53%. In other words, the 2022 budget (G. 667 billion – US$ 89 million) seeks to increase it by 56% (G. 345 billion – US$ 50 million) to reach G. 1,012 million (US$ 139 million). ).

This Expenditure Plan now goes to the Ministry of Finance, so that it can prepare the General Budget of the Nation (PGN) that must be sent to the Bicameral Budget Commission, no later than September 1. Once the project has been presented to the Legislative Branch, Congress has until September 30 to form a bicameral Budget Commission, made up of senators and deputies. This commission must analyze and issue an opinion on the PGN project presented by the Ministry of Finance, no later than October 30, suggesting, to both chambers, changes or proposing to maintain some proposals of the economic portfolio.

The increase approved by the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) includes a salary increase for magistrates and officials (see supporting graph), appointment of 1,305 contractors, creation of 695 positions and building construction throughout the country. The creation of 695 positions will represent a cost of G. 34 billion per year (US$ 4.9 million). The budget increase occurred during an extraordinary session, held on Tuesday morning.

Last Tuesday, judicial officials demonstrated with a sit-in on the esplanade of the Palace of Justice. The demonstration was called “Sentata for the dignity of the Judicial Power” and was called by the National Coordinator of Judicial Officials of Paraguay. They demanded a minimum judicial salary of between G. 3 to 4 million. With what is approved, the requirement of the officials is met.


Víctor Ríos, minister of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), requested in mid-August to suspend the transfer made by the Judiciary to the Ministry of Justice. Ríos highlighted the need to allocate these resources to improve the remuneration and working conditions of the magistrates. This transfer to the Judiciary comes from funds generated by court fees. At the time, he announced that the resources are to be used for an eventual salary increase.

The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) approved a budget increase of US$50 million. Part of the resources will be used for salary increases for magistrates and officials.

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