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Deputy Basilio Núñez presented to the Permanent Commission the reprogramming proposal that replaces 13 million dollars to the National Cancer Institute (Incan).

The bill that modifies the General Budget of the Nation, which approves the spending plan for the Ministry of Public Health He was presented this morning before the Permanent Commission with a request for urgent treatment.

This appeal has already been modified by the Treasury, that increased the budget by more than 500,000 million for medicines in general, but that of Incan decreased, a cut of G. 87,000 million from Incan plus 7,000 million from Incan, which completes 95,000 million”, Núñez clarified in an interview with Universo-Nación Media radio .

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In dollars, the amount to be reprogrammed is equivalent to 13 million, which may be transferred to the National Cancer Institutein order to regularize the administrative situation.

In order for the project to be discussed, the president of the Permanent Commission, Ángel Balbuena, must convene both chambers, which are in parliamentary recess, otherwise, We will have to wait until March 2.

After an emergency meeting between Public Health and the supplier companies, the delivery of oncological drugs to the Incan will begin today and in the coming days. Subsequently, the pending bureaucratic part will be completed.

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