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Country Brand

He has just concluded a seminar at the prestigious George Washington University in the United States on “Anticipatory Governance” focused on political management of threats and opportunities. Very timely in these convulsive times in which the governments of Latin America and other parts of the world are being devastated by electoral waves in a context of economic crisis and immediacy, pushed by the rise of instantaneous communication through social networks.

In the context of the challenges faced by public administrations and as a model of anticipatory governance, the prestigious center invited the General Director of Customs, Eduardo (Yayo) Sanz Lovatón, to present the customs management model that he has promoted, attracted by the momentum that collections have in Dominican customs, which does not occur in other Central American countries due to the entry into force of some chapters of trade agreements.

The country in recent times has had an upswing to improve its international reputation. The invitation to President Luis Abinader by the WHO to speak about the country’s success in handling the covid-19 pandemic and the vaccination plan also proves this trend. In that same context, the Dominican Republic received recognition for being the country that recovered tourism the fastest, one of the economic activities most affected by the pandemic.

In the balance of the corruption perception index that Transparency International does every year, the country has also advanced in relation to other years and nations with the same characteristics as ours. Our athletes who stand out mainly in baseball and other disciplines, as well as the advancement in the medal table at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, prove that reality.

In the context of the country brand, these facts are relevant. For a country brand, the least important thing is a logo, what counts is when a nation and its people become a benchmark because they do it well.

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