Councilor Cosati "excluded" than Mayor Callero

Councilor Cosati “excluded” than Mayor Callero

This is how Cosati expressed it to EL ECO after the recent situation that he had to live after, in the last session of the Municipality, on May 10, it was resolved that a mobile fishmonger would be installed in Plaza Artigas on Lucas Roselli streets, Jacinto corner Laguna, and “after two days there was publicity for its opening in Plaza 33 where the mayor had suggested, and not where the Municipality resolved, at that time, unanimously.”

“We have to lead by example. We got angry about a volleyball court that was built (Sports Directorate of the Municipality) without talking to the Municipality” And it turns out that “in the same municipality they do not respect the decisions of the Corps, because when you want to agree you find something different from what was decided in session”, expressed the councilor angrily.

“A resolution of the Municipality was passed over. It bothered me a lot when I saw the advertisement, I couldn’t believe it, because two days ago we had resolved something other than what was finally done.”

Plaza Artigas was even chosen, one because “it was the place that the fishmonger requested, and another because” my point was that Plaza 33 was very close to the coast and we had to take care of our fishermen who also sell, “he explained.

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