Councilman Saavedra denounces that the Mayor's Office does not abide by the strike and registers the entry of workers

Councilman Saavedra denounces that the Mayor’s Office does not abide by the strike and registers the entry of workers

October 24, 2022, 12:11 PM

October 24, 2022, 12:11 PM

The incumbent councilor of Democrats, Manuel ‘Mamén’ Saavedra, went this Monday to the offices of the Fifth Municipal in the framework of the third day of indefinite unemployment in demand of the census in 2023, which is also the first day in which the salaried population returned to their jobs.

Saavedra, as published in a video on his social networks, He found a large number of municipal workers carrying out their duties normally. “Once again” Mayor Jhonny Fernández does not abide by the departmental measure, the councilman observed. From the municipality they explained that only one division, in addition to the basic services personnel, is working.

“We have found people working, people who have arrived as best they could, they have not been told anything, many of them even without wanting to come here because they want to support the strike measure, but for fear of losing their job they have to get there as best they can, ”said the councilor in a video that he posted on his social networks.

“Unfortunately once again the mayor (Jhonny Fernández) shows us that he kicks the other wayis not on the side of a legitimate claim of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and the entire country, which is to have a timely census in 2023”, he continued.

It should be remembered that, During the last 48-hour departmental strike, Mayor Jhonny Fernández decided not to abide by the measure promoted by the Interinstitutional Committee and was even pointed out as allowing people outside the Mayor’s Office to enter the municipal building to gather with firecrackers.

For his part, the municipal director Juan Carlos Solares described Councilman Saavedra’s complaint as a “show” and clarified that the officials who appear in the video belong to the Municipal Secretary of Tax Administration (SAT)which is coordinating tax payments through QR, because the national banking system works normally.

Likewise, he emphasized that, by instruction of the mayor, all municipal officials, with the exception of those mentioned and health personnel, urban cleaning, public lighting, municipal slaughterhouse and Ombudsman for Children and Adolescents, are abiding by the regional measure.

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