Councilman Cosati says they don't even show him "the minutes of the sessions"

Councilman Cosati says they don’t even show him “the minutes of the sessions”

Antonio Cosati councilor of the Broad Front of Nueva Palmira – Mayor Agustín Callero (four from the PN and one from the FA)
In the first instance, he complained because he has made a request for works and most of the time they have not been taken into account such as “cleaning of ‘Los Vascos’ Beach and construction of bathrooms on the different beaches.”

He remarked that he has requested information about the people who have entered the municipality “and they answered me a year and a bit later, with very poor data.”

Among the irregularities, he pointed out that they do not even show him “the minutes of the sessions, much less have they given me any to sign. The minutes that I have seen of the sessions – which have not been many – have been passed on to me by some departmental mayors. I have asked for the minutes but they have never responded to that request.”

“I realized that there was a difference in money with what the OPP had contributed and what was included in the surrender, a friendly accountant reviewed them and money was missing. When I told them that, they replied that it could have been ‘an error by the secretary’ but until now they have not given me the report of those expenses”.

It is considered excluded from the work of the municipality. “When authorities come outside the days of session they don’t notify me.”

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