Council of the INE in Nuevo León installs a permanent session to monitor the Day of Revocation of Mandate

Council of the INE in Nuevo León installs a permanent session to monitor the Day of Revocation of Mandate

Monterey, NL. The president counselor of the National Electoral Institute in Nuevo León, Olga Alicia Castro Ramirez declared the permanent session installed to perform the Election Dayl on the occasion of the Revocation of Mandate at 7:45 am.

He commented that according to article 5 of the Federal Law of Revocation of Mandatedefines it as the instrument of participation requested by the citizens to determine the anticipated conclusion in the performance of the position of the person holding the Presidency of the Republic from the loss of confidence.

The president counselor of the local INE explained that the 12 district councils also declared themselves in permanent session for the follow-up to the Day of Revocation of Mandate.

This Sunday, 4 million 158,880 people registered in the Nominal List of Electors of Nuevo León will be able to vote. There will be 2,614 booths that are being installed in the state territory and the work of the INE is to ensure that the election day is in accordance with the law, is democratic in nature and that the rights of citizens are not violated.

7,842 citizens will receive and count their vote as poll workers. The voting booths will be monitored by the representatives of the political parties, 6,876 accredited, of which 1,387 correspond to the PAN and 5,489 to Morena, as well as 149 Electoral Observers approved by the district councils in the entity.

The president counselor of the local INE highlighted the work of the 67 supervisors and 465 electoral assistant trainers (CAE), who will assist the officials of the boards of directors in the polls, and will inform the district councils, the local council and the General Council of the INE on the development of the Mandate Revocation Day.

In her opening message, the president counselor, Olga Alicia Castro Ramírez, stressed that this is a historic election day, since this type of direct democracy participation exercise had never been carried out in Mexico.

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