Costa Rican Mayor denounces incursion of the Nicaraguan Army in Costa Rican waters

Costa Rican Mayor denounces incursion of the Nicaraguan Army in Costa Rican waters

Costa Rican mayor Alonso Alán Corea denounced the entry of armed Nicaraguan Army soldiers into the waters of the neighboring southern country. He affirms that this action by the Daniel Ortega regime constitutes a “historic act” in the violation of the sovereignty of Costa Rica.

“Yesterday, Friday, October 7, in the morning hours, armed Nicaraguan soldiers entered national waters, specifically Playa Jobo in Punta Descartes, in pursuit of neighboring fishermen from El Jobo. As has been their historical action, without the State defending the sovereignty of our territory to date, they persecute and harass our fishermen in Bahía Salinas, which is national territory,” said the municipal authority of La Cruz, of the Province of Guanacaste.

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The mayor classifies this attitude of the Nicaraguan Army as “provocation, it is not only in Bahía Salinas, it is enough to approach a few meters to the border between our countries in Conventillo, for example, and immediately the military take up a defensive position with their rifles, the same It happens in Liberty.

“The entrance to Playa Jobo is a clear provocation, an offense, a total disrespect for the sovereignty of our country, we will proceed to issue formal complaints, our canton has the videos and the witnesses,” added the mayor.

Given this, he demanded that the Costa Rican State “defend our Homeland, we hope immediate diplomatic actions are taken, so that these events are not repeated.”

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El Periódico del Pueblo spoke with Christian Guillermet Fernández, Deputy Foreign Minister for Foreign Relations, who mentioned that there are no reports of military incursions on Costa Rican soil. “We were aware of the matter and we contacted the Ministry of Public Security, they told us that there was nothing illegal. On TikTok there are also a lot of fake videos and people saying that Nicaraguans are invading us. There is a whole movement of certain people who are trying to induce this, but all this is false. Some are saying that there are tense situations with the Nicaraguan government, but it is false,” said the official, but the municipality has denounced a different situation.

On the other hand, the Costa Rican media also consulted Martín Arias, Vice Minister of Public Security and director of the National Coast Guard Service of Costa Rica, and in statements he stated that the patrolling is permanent and that Nicaraguan soldiers have not been seen in Costa Rican waters.

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