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Costa Rica, Colombia, the United States and Panama reach agreements on immigration treatment

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Representatives of the Migration directorates of Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, and the United States, recognized the existence of a migratory crisis at the regional level, as the main result of the meeting held this Tuesday, November 1, at the Panamanian Foreign Ministry .

The director in charge of the National Immigration Service, María Isabel Saravia, highlighted that seven points were established, on which the roadmap for the second meeting between the representatives of the four countries involved in the situation will be drawn.

Saravia specified that the seven points on which the next meeting, agreed for next November 9, will be discussed, have to do with agreements already signed on the migration issue, mainly related to the fight against the illegal trafficking of migrants, the fight against human trafficking, among other things.

“Several proposals were evaluated at this meeting, the most important thing is that the States present agreed on the establishment of safe and formal routes that help combat the smuggling of migrants, human trafficking and, above all, safeguard the security of migrants,” said the deputy director of Migration.

Other points that will serve as a basis for the meeting on November 9 were the creation of a human mobility observatory, in order to obtain information on irregular migratory movement; Likewise, it proposes requesting the International Organization for Migration to carry out an updated analysis of the programs for migrants in the region, to identify job opportunities for people in this condition.

The migratory chiefs of Costa Rica, Colombia, the United States and Panama agree to direct treatment of the migratory issue.

The migratory chiefs of the three countries made a call to the international community, highlighting the importance of closing the informal steps that lead to the entry of irregular migrants into Panamanian territory.

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