Cortizo will award scholarships to students and accreditations to artisans, among other benefits in the 8-10 circuit

President Laurentino Cortizo, and his government team will carry out this Friday the 105 Community Work Tour (GTC) which will take place starting at 10:00 am at the headquarters of the Specialized Higher Technical Institute (ITSE); and in which benefits will be delivered to people and organizations of the 8-10 circuit.

Through AMPYME and SENADIS, seed capital will be delivered to 41 entrepreneurs; while Anati will grant 26 property titles, and the National Mortgage Bank, 50 public deeds.

The Ministry of Culture will deliver 15 accreditations for artisans, in addition to musical instruments to the members of the National Network of Children and Youth Orchestras and Choirs, Panama East Module.

Also, through the Transforming Lives Program of the Ministry of the Presidency, sports implements to the 7 community boards of the 8-10 circuit; and the Ministry of Social Development (Mides) will deliver the order to proceed with the project “Rehabilitation of the improvements to the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen of the Home for older adults Residencial Los Años Dorados” investment amount B/. 191,997.74.

Mides will also deliver Literacy certificates, job scholarships from the Entrepreneur Godfather Program, sewing machines and sewing supplies from the Family Networks Program; in addition to a certificate of supplies and equipment for the well-being and care of the elderly for 5 Casas Hogares B/. 5,887.50: Sol y Vida Home, Lisbeth Home, Maria Rina Home, San Jose de Cabuyita Home and Golden Years Home.

For its part, the Ministry of Education will deliver Digital Boards to the Educational Centers of La Siesta, December 24, Emperatriz Taboada, Federico Escobar, Republic of Guatemala, and IPT Juan Diaz; in addition to Tablets to students of the Francisco de Miranda High School.

Similarly, Meduca will deliver plastic and metal storage tanks to Vista Hermosa School, Juan E. Jimenez School, CEBG Gumercinda Páez, La Mesa School, Mamoní Arriba School, Ciudad Jardín Las Mañanitas School, Genesis School, José Pablo Paredes School, Santa Cruz School, and the Dr. Juan Arturo Martinelli Sosa School.

It will also deliver libraries and classrooms to teachers, at the República del Salvador School, CEBG December 24, CE Gumercinda Páez, Francisco de Miranda Secondary School and La Mesa School.

Scholarships, laptops and tablets will be given to 23 students through Ifarhu and the Transforming Lives Program of the Ministry of the Presidency; and Inadeh will award 24 course completion certificates.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) will deliver supplies of disinfection equipment, supplies, pipes and accessories to the Metropolitan Health Region, for the improvement and rehabilitation of rural aqueducts; in addition to wheelchairs, medications, surgical medical material, laboratory supplies, imaging and oral health.

Also, a modular prosthesis for the lower right limb will be delivered to SENADIS.

The Ministry of Labor will sign 5 DILA Program contracts (Direct Insertion), for La Pagoda, Monte Azul and Dicarina.

Finally, the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning (Miviot) will deliver 12 housing solutions, through the Progress Plan and the Solidarity Fund.

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