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Corruption, accusations and attacks: Kirchnerism against its demons

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Havana Cuba. — Since last August 22, the current Argentine vice president, Cristina Fernández, widow of Néstor Kirchner, has continued to occupy prominent places in international news. First, it was the tremendous accusation that was made against her —for which she was asked for 12 years in prison in what prosecutor Diego Luciani called “the biggest corruption maneuver in the country”—; later, an attempted attack on her person has caused even more talk.

About the plot of embezzlement that has the controversial lady as its center, there is not much to say. The most striking is a former junior employee who, without qualification or experience in construction matters, overnight became the head of a company in that field. And it should be clarified that this entity, against everything that could be expected, achieved a dazzling success.

Contrary to any reasonable prognosis, the company, headed by who is now accused of being a simple figurehead for the Kirchners, managed to win more than half of the tenders called when one of the members of the couple held the Presidency of the Nation. . The furious Christianists want to believe that it was a mere coincidence. The lady’s detractors, on the contrary, consider that this predilection is not gratuitous, but that it constitutes the most irrefutable proof of the collusion between the improvised businessman and the married couple of corrupt politicians.

In any case, the “clever partners of the 21st century” (with some exceptions arising from temporary interests) were quick to express their solidarity with the Vice President. They did not care that one of those involved (Kirchnerist Secretary of Public Works José López) was caught in a very unedifying activity: trying to hide bags containing a whopping nine million dollars in cash in a convent.

Of course, Castro’s Cuba could not be left behind: on their Twitter accounts, the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of “continuity” joined the solidarity campaign with the Widow of Kirchner. Miguel Díaz-Canel, for example, expressed that the Vice President, “under ruthless media harassment, is once again facing a politically motivated judicial process.” And he concluded: “Receive from Cuba all our solidarity, dear Cristina.”

But lo and behold, a week ago, the embezzlement scandal fell silent. On the night of September 1st, a subject —who, by the way, is Brazilian and not Argentine— approached Mrs. Fernández while she was greeting one of the groups of apapipios who, regardless of accusations, go day after day to the home of the main defendant to testify their unconditional support. The individual fired a pistol twice at the senior official.

Everything in this tremendous attack seems like a grim comedy of errors. The would-be assassin arrived in front of her hypothetical victim, brandished her firearm in front of her and fired it—I repeat—several times, but without managing to fire a single shot. The security guards, who are not supposed to be absent when she is the second magistrate of the Republic, were conspicuous by her absence.

In this regard, one of Cuba’s most prominent opponents, Mr. Guillermo (Coconut) Fariñas Hernández recalled his time as a Personal Security cadet. In this context, he recalled that, in one of his lessons, it was stated that when a “valuable figure” suffered an attack, the first thing to do was to evacuate it immediately.

This action protocol is absolutely logical: when the attack was carried out, it is known that the security measures that protected the “valuable figure” have failed. If the attack was unsuccessful, it is unknown if the perpetrator acted alone or if, on the contrary, he was just the first of a hypothetical set of attackers. Given these realities, of course immediate evacuation is advisable.

But this was also conspicuous by its absence in the alleged attempt against Cristina Fernández! For this reason, it should not be surprising that the supposed attack, which came to the fore to make the accusation against Kirchner’s Widow be forgotten, is contested. For example, a former member of the CIA, Guillermo Cueto, stated that it is “a setup.”

The former intelligence agent said about Sabag Montiel: “I think he was not there to carry out an assassination, but to make the appearance of an assassination.” Furthermore, Mr. Cueto also mentions the reaction of Cristina’s partners and friends, who mobilized in an overwhelming manner to show solidarity with her and her policies.

Without being much to the point, Argentine President Alberto Fernández immediately decreed a national holiday. In practice, the day off served so that all the Kirchnerists who wished could attend one of the innumerable acts of solidarity with Cristina that were held throughout the country. An act of obvious and obscene politicking.

The government’s reaction to the alleged attack also raises other justified concerns. Sabag Montiel’s aggression —which, if real, would represent the acts of an unbalanced foreigner— are now trying to be presented as the inevitable result of a hypothetical “hate speech” by the anti-Kirchnerist opposition. In this context, those who accept that there was unbridled embezzlement of the Kirchners (or, for that matter, those who simply do not feel sympathy for Mrs. Cristina) would be becoming co-participants in that reprehensible “hate speech”.

All this montage lends itself to other arbitrariness. As colleagues José Gregorio Martínez and Marcelo Duclos point out in a joint paper posted on panampost, Kirchnerism, under the pretext of aggression, “anticipates a series of dangerous projects.” As the authors say in a question that appears in the title of their article: Will the alleged attack against CFK be “the excuse to implement a dictatorship”?

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